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Stage 7

Keeping in touch

Morar fora do Brasil é um sonho para muitas pessoas que estudam o inglês. Porém, se manter em contato com amigos e família é sempre importante. Aprenda aqui, como se manter em contato com pessoas que falam inglês, além de conectivos de tempo.

1 . Do que você sente saudade quando está longe de casa? Se fosse morar fora do Brasil, de que itens abaixo sentiria falta? E com quais gostaria de ter contato?

friends | family | new sights | different food | home cooking

2 . Leia o e-mail de Tim a um colega e anote as palavras e expressões
relacionadas com tempo. Há dez exemplos. Você consegue encontrá-los?

Dear Sue,

I got your address from Jack. You remember, he was in our graduation class at college. We write to each other from time to time. He said that you were in Chicago on holiday in the summer, and that you asked after me. Thanks for remembering me!

Well, I guess I should give you some news, especially as we haven’t been in touch for a long time! I often think about our college days. You know, before I finished college I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. After graduation, I worked for a construction company in my home town for a while, but the job wasn’t great and I decided I wanted to travel. When Kingston Engineering offered me a two year contract in Japan, I took it! It was hard here at first. I found the language very difficult, and life in Japan is very different from life at home. I made mistakes, but the people I worked with were very kind and understanding. They helped me a lot, and finally I began to relax and enjoy life. I really like it here now.

So what’s your news? What did you do after graduation? Do write and tell me all about it.

All the best,

3 . Diga se estas frases são verdadeiras, falsas ou se não há como saber, pois não são mencionadas no e-mail de Tim.

1 Tim and Jack write to each other very often.

2 Tim wanted to travel when he was at college.

3 He worked in a local company for ten months.

4 Tim is working in Japan now.

5 He speaks Japanese very well.

6 He doesn’t know what Sue did after graduation.

Grammar: Time linkers and for + time

Lembre-se: usamos as expressões de tempo como before e after para indicar quando algo aconteceu.
You must buy a ticket before you get on this bus.
I got a good job after I left college.

Usamos until para indicar o término da ação.
We’re staying in this hotel until Friday.
Let’s wait here until the rain stops.

Usamos for + um período de tempo para indicar a duração de uma atividade específica.
They worked here for a very long time.
I’m going on holiday for ten days.
When is the bus coming? I’ve been waiting for ages.

4 . Sue respondeu ao e-mail de Tim no dia seguinte. Leia a resposta abaixo e complete as lacunas com before, after ou for.

Dear Tim,

Thanks a lot for your email. It was lovely to hear from you! Anyway, let me fill you in on what I did (1) …………. I left college.

I enjoyed my first job, but, like you I wanted to see a bit of the world, so (2)……… eighteen months, I went to Kenya. I worked there (3) ……. two years, on a water project. It was a fascinating and rewarding experience. I wanted to see more of Africa (4)……… going home, so I travelled overland (5) …….. six weeks and ended up in Cape Town. Two months (6)……. I returned home, I found a job with Dayton Construction here in Oakwood. It’s a good job, but I miss travelling!

By the way, I’m going to the international conference in Warsaw next month. If you’re going too, perhaps we could meet up.


20 minutes+

Ouça a conversa telefônica entre Sue e Tim. Em seguida, leia as frases abaixo extraídas da gravação e selecione a palavra correta em itálico.

1 I’m getting there on the Monday and I’m staying on / until Friday.

2 We could meet up on / before Thursday.

3 Yes, let’s get together before / after the morning session.

4 I’ll email you when / before you leave.

5 I’m staying in Japan until / before my contract finishes in December.

6 I’ve worked here for / after about a year now.


Exercício 2

from time to time; in the summer; for a long time; before; After; for a while; When; at first; finally; now; after

Exercício 3

1 False

2 False

3 Don’t know

4 True

5 Don’t know

6 True

Exercício 4

1 after

2 after

3 for

4 before

5 for

6 after

20 minutes+

1 until

2 on

3 after

4 before

5 until

6 for