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Stage 6

Seaside Mystery: Part 12

Nesta aula de nosso curso online de inglês, você terá a oportunidade de treinar seu listening e aprimorar seu vocabulário através da Parte 12, a última dessa história de mistério.

The story so far: While the three students are talking to Mrs King they hear someone knocking at the door. It is Harry, Mrs King’s son. He has been attacked. They bring him in and put him on the sofa. Mrs King is very upset and Harry says he will go back to Australia to sort everything out. Yoshiko hears something at the back of the house. There is a man out there. Carlos and Peter bring him into the living room holding his arms behind his back. Mrs King is shocked. It is her husband, John. She thought he was dead.

1 . Responda às perguntas a respeito do que aconteceu na história até agora.

1 Who is knocking at the front door?

2 What is wrong with him?

3 Where does Harry say he will go?

4 What does Yoshiko hear?

5 Why is Mrs King so shocked?

2 . Todas estas palavras e expressões aparecem na Parte 12 da história. Anote as que você já conhece. Tente descobrir os significados das outras à medida que ouve a história.

terrible | turn off | you lot | tie up | thug | exciting | sad | complicated | miss | Great! | adventure | improved

3 . Ouça a história e indique se quem diz cada frase a seguir é Peter, Yoshiko John King ou Karl Kray.

1 It’s a long story.

2 Turn off the lights and go out the back.

3 Tie them up, Reg.

4 What do you want?

5 Leave her alone, you thug!

6 Then we must go, ladies and gentlemen.

7 Well, I’m glad it’s all over.

8 It’s sad for the King family.

9 That’s why John King went to Australia.

10 Absolutely!

4 . Complete este resumo da última parte de Seaside Mystery preenchendo cada lacuna com uma palavra do quadro abaixo.

Yoshiko | adventure | robbers | police | money | help | home | lie down | bank | followed | Australia | lost

Mr King is starting to tell his wife the story. At this moment the (1) ………… run into the house. They tell everyone to (2) …………… on the floor. They ask where (3) …………… is. Peter says she has gone (4) ……………, but they don’t believe him and start to look for her. Peter says they don’t have any (5) …………… and Karl Kray says that it’s not just about the money. As they start to leave, the (6) …………… arrive and the adventure is over.

Later they find out that it all began when John King (7) …………… a lot of money in his business. He borrowed the money from Karl Kray but he could not pay the money back so he ran away to (8) …………… . His son Harry wanted to (9) …………… him and went to find him. When Harry came back, Karl Kray and his gang were waiting for him. They tried to make him rob a (10) …………… with guns but he didn’t want to. His father (11) …………… him back to England and that is when the (12) …………… began for the three students.

Word Bank:

adventure = aventura

arrest = prisão, detenção

complicated (adjetivo) = complicado

sad = triste

serious = sério, importante

tie up = amarrar, imobilizar

turn off = desligar (máquina)


Exercício 1

1 Mrs King’s son, Harry

2 He has been attacked by the robbers.

3 He says he will go back to Australia.

4 She’s hears something at the back of the house.

5 Her husband, John, is not dead as she thought.

Exercício 3

1 John King

2 John King

3 Karl Kray

4 Peter

5 Peter

6 Karl Kray

7 Peter

8 Yoshiko

9 Yoshiko

10 Peter

Exercício 4

1 robbers

2 lie down

3 Yoshiko

4 home

5 money

6 police

7 lost

8 Australia

9 help

10 bank

11 followed

12 adventure