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Stage 4

Check your progress 8

Esta lição oferece a você a oportunidade de praticar o que aprendeu até aqui. Corrija suas respostas e veja como está o seu progresso.

1 . Associe as ações da coluna à esquerda com as frases da coluna à direita.

1 descrever a aparência de alguém

2 perguntar sobre a aparência de alguém

3 perguntar sobre a personalidade de alguém

4 descrever alguma coisa que você não tenha feito

5 comparar duas pessoas

6 dizer a idade de alguém

7 perguntar o que alguém gosta de fazer em seu tempo livre

8 expressar os interesses de alguém

9 perguntar a idade de alguém

10 descrever o que alguém fez no passado

a) Eddie’s mad about the football.

b) Have you got any hobbies?

c) Is he shy or out-going?

d) I have never been abroad before.

e) Alan used to travel a lot, but now he works from home.

f) Is she older than you?

g) What does your sister look like?

h) He’s tall with short black hair.

i) She’s elderly, in her late seventies.

j) Joan’s got more experience than Sarah.

2 . Reordene as letras entre parênteses para formar palavras e complete as lacunas.

1 She’s very (altvktiea) ………………… . She never stops speaking!

2 He’s a very (toepli) …………… young man, he always says ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’!

3 She’s so (elcerfuh) ………………. , she’s always smiling and laughing.

4 What do I like doing in my free time? Well, I love (nsogphpi) ……………… . In fact, I always spend too much money!

5 I enjoy (miwingms) ………………. in my free time. There’s a pool not far from my apartment, so I go most evenings.

3 . Associe as frases aos hobbies ou interesses apropriados.

playing golf | travelling | using the internet | watching television | eating in restaurants

1 It’s so nice to have all your food cooked for you, and for someone to do the washing up afterwards.

2 I switch it on as soon as I get home and spend most of the evening in front of it.

3 My wife bought me some clubs for my birthday, and there’s a course nearby which I go to.

4 I spend hours online, and I send emails to all my friends.

5 I usually fly, but I prefer to go by train or, even better, by boat if I’ve got enough time.

4 . Complete as frases com uma palavra ou uma expressão do quadro abaixo.

colleague | gone | get on | played | fixed

1 My computer was broken, but I’ve …………. it.

2 ‘Where’s Tim?’ ‘He’s …………. to the cinema.’

3 Janet works in the same office as me. She’s my …………. .

4 We don’t …………. very well with each other.

5 We …………. tennis all afternoon.

5 . Encontre e corrija os erros nas frases a seguir.

1 This film isn’t good as the one I saw last week.

2 This computer is much expensiver than my old one.

3 I have phoned my mother yesterday.

4 When I was young, I use to fight with my brothers all the time.

5 Have ever you been to the USA?

6 . Associe o infinitivo ao particípio passado das formas verbais.

1 be

2 see

3 meet

4 have

5 go 

a) had

b) been

c) gone

d) seen

e) met


Exercício 1

1-h; 2-g; 3-c; 4-d; 5-j; 6-i; 7-b; 8-a; 9-f; 10-e

Exercício 2

1 talkative

2 polite

3 cheerful

4 shopping

5 swimming

Exercício 3

1 eating in restaurants

2 watching television

3 playing golf

4 using the internet

5 travelling

Exercício 4

1 fixed

2 gone

3 colleague

4 get on

5 played

Exercício 5

1 This film isn’t as good as the one I saw last week

2 This computer is much more expensive than my old one.

3 I have phoned my mother yesterday.

4 When I was young, I used to fight with my brothers all the time.

5 Have you ever been to the USA?

Exercício 6

1-b; 2-d; 3-e; 4-a; 5-c