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Stage 5

Seaside Mystery: Part 9

The story so far: Carlos and Yoshiko go to the police station and then on to Yoshiko’s house to pick up some things. When they get there they see that the front door is open. The house is in a terrible mess. They go upstairs and find that Yoshiko’s bedroom door is still locked. Just then they hear someone running down the stairs. Yoshiko looks out of the bedroom window. She thinks she sees Harry King running down the street. They are leaving the house when the telephone rings. When Carlos answers the phone the caller hangs up.

1 . Responda às perguntas a respeito do que aconteceu na história até agora.

1 Why do Carlos and Yoshiko go back to her house?

2 What do they notice when they get there?

3 What do they find when they go inside?

4 Who runs out of the house?

5 What happens as they are leaving the house?

2 . Todas estas frases e expressões aparecem na Parte 9 da história. Anote as que você já conhece. Tente descobrir os significados das demais à medida que ouve a história.

glad | need | make coffee | robbed | stuff | suddenly | dangerous | shines | relax | lie down

3 . Ouça a história e diga se estas afirmações são verdadeiras ou falsas.

1 Carlos lives very near the beach.

2 Yoshiko tells Peter what has happened.

3 Carlos and Yoshiko want to go back to the police.

4 Peter puts the plastic bag into the bin by the café.

5 Carlos phones Peter on his mobile.

6 Peter tells the others to wait for him.

7 Yoshiko follows Peter into the café.

8 The man finds the parcel in the bin.

9 The man gets into a car and drives off.

10 Carlos and Yoshiko decide to follow the man.

Do you know?

● Você pode usar if para relatar alguma coisa sobre a qual não tem certeza:
I didn’t know if he was telling me the truth.
I’m not sure if I should tell you this.

● Ou para se referir a fatos a serem descobertos:
I wanted to see if he was still there.
They wondered if they were too late.

4 . Encontre um exemplo desses dois usos de if na Parte 9 de Seaside Mystery.


Exercício 1

1 They go back to pick up some of Yoshiko’s things.

2 The front door is open.

3 The house is in a terrible mess.

4 Harry King.

5 The telephone rings.

Exercício 3

1 False

2 False

3 True

4 True

5 True

6 True

7 False

8 True

9 True

10 False

Exercício 4

I don’t know if it was him or not. We went to see if Yoshiko’s room was all right.