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Stage 5

Describing an action

1 . Você ouvirá pessoas em um escritório conversarem em dez situações diferentes. Indique o que cada uma está fazendo, relacionando adequadamente as colunas abaixo.

1 Martin is

2 Sally is

3 Tony is

4 Jim is

5 Dolores is

6 Joan is

7 Helena is

8 Don is

9 Adam is

10 Jane is

a) ringing someone back.

b) thanking somebody for help.

c) picking up the post.

d) talking about the latest sales figures.

e) asking for some time off.

f) ringing for some sandwiches.

g) thinking about his holiday.

h) looking for her mobile phone.

i) apologising for coming late.

j) talking to her boss.

Grammar: Prepositions after verbs

Usamos preposições depois de alguns verbos. A preposição que usamos depende do verbo e do contexto em que está sendo empregado.

You should apologise for breaking his cup.
He apologised to his boss for coming late.

2 . Você consegue se lembrar de quais preposições acompanham quais verbos? Releia o exercício 1 e complete as frases a seguir usando a preposição adequada.

1 Let me ring …………. a taxi to take you to the station.

2 Hilary called while you were out. Could you ring her ………………?

3 I am writing to apologise ……………….. sending you the wrong products.

4 I’d like to begin the conference by talking …………. our plans for the company over the next five years.

5 Anna needs to talk …………. you today.

6 We’re looking …………….. a solution to our current office-space problem.

7 Could you go to the warehouse and pick ……….. the new brochures when they arrive?

8 My boss believes it’s time to think …………… taking on more staff to help in the office.

9 I am writing to ask …………. some information on your latest laserjet printer.

10 Thank you …………… the help you gave us when we visited you last week.

3 . Ouça a gravação novamente. Anote as afirmações a seguir que são verdadeiras ou falsas.

1 Martin orders four chicken sandwiches.

2 Sally was in the office when Mr Jenkins phoned.

3 Mr Mellor is not happy with Tony’s excuses.

4 Jim’s company made a profit of £2 million.

5 Dolores tells Mr Mellor there was a phone call from Montreal.

6 Joan called her sister a few minutes ago.

7 Frank tells Helena there isn’t any post for the sales department.

8 Don went to Spain last year.

9 Adam is moving house next month.

10 Jane is really grateful to Sarah.

4 . Observe estes trechos de anúncios. O que estão anunciando? Escolha dentre as opções do quadro.

a radio station | a television programme | an insurance company | a magazine | a job a bank

1 For more information and an application form, write to the personnel manager at PO Box 100, London W3 8NJ.

2 For the latest in music and songs, listen to the Pete Wade show on 97.5FM!

3 Short of cash? Let the Westlake help. Why not stop by today and pick up a brochure with our latest interest rates?

4 Can’t wait for the latest edition of Rock Hits to come into the shops? Subscribe now by phoning 355-1299 and asking for Louise.

5 Do you believe in ghosts? Well, there are millions of people who do. Watch
‘Walking with Ghosts’ tonight at 9 o’clock. Seeing is believing!

6 Are you worried about your car being stolen? Losing your money on holiday? Let us help you. Call 0237 7643814 now, and talk to one of our advisers.

20 minutes+

Cubra os anúncios acima. Não olhe para eles. Você consegue se lembrar de quais preposições podem ser usadas para completar estas frases?

1 Write …………. the personnel manager at PO Box 100, London W3 8NJ.

2 For the latest in music and songs, listen ………….. the Pete Wade show on 97.5FM!

3 Why not stop by today and pick ………….. a brochure with our latest interest rates?

4 Subscribe now by phoning 355 1299 and asking …………. Louise.

5 Do you believe …………….. ghosts?

6 Call 0237 7643814 now, and talk …………… one of our advisers.

Word Bank

apologise (verbo) = desculpar-se

current (adjetivo) = corrente, atual

excuse (substantivo) = desculpa

ghost (substantivo) = fantasma


Exercício 1

1-f; 2-a; 3-i; 4-d; 5-j; 6-h; 7-c; 8-g; 9-e; 10-b

Exercício 2

1 for

2 back

3 for

4 about

5 to

6 for

7 up

8 about

9 for

10 for

Exercício 3

1 True

2 False

3 True

4 True

5 False

6 True

7 False

8 True

9 True

10 False

Exercício 4

1 a job

2 a radio station

3 a bank

4 a magazine

5 a television programme

6 an insurance company

20 minutes+

1 to

2 to

3 up

4 for

5 in

6 to