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Stage 10

Marianne’s Journey: Part 7

Mais um capítulo da jornada de Marianne!

As soon as she gets home Marianne phones her friend Jill and tells her about meeting the couple in the wood and finding the gravestone. Marianne and Jill agree to go back to see if they can find Philip. They decide to go back early the next morning as it’s the weekend.

1 . A seguir estão algumas palavras e expressões importantes extraídas dessa parte da história. Consulte as palavras que você não conhece no Word Bank.

excited | brave | frightened | disappeared | maiden name | war

2 . Complete as frases com as palavras do exercício 1.

1 You are very ……………… to go into the wood when it’s dark.

2 I tried to follow him but he had completely ……………… .

3 The second world ……………… ended in 1945.

4 She’s called Mrs Goodrich but her ………………………… was Blanchard.

5 She thought Marianne sounded very ………………… on the phone.

6 I have never been ……………………… of the dark.

3 . Ouça a Parte 7 da história e marque se as frases são verdadeiras ou falsas.

1 Marianne is excited when she phones Jill.

2 Jill has discovered that Philip is married.

3 Marianne and Jill decide to go out for a drink together that night.

4 Marianne went into the wood even though she was frightened.

5 Jill thinks it is strange to find a grave in a wood.

6 Dominique Goodrich died in 1944.

7 The couple said they used to live in the wood.

8 The couple advised Marianne to go back to the village.

9 Jill and Marianne decide to return to the wood the next day.

10 Marianne forgot to tell Jill about the inscription on the gravestone.

4 . Ouça novamente a Parte 7 e indique se quem fala as frases a seguir é Jill ou Marianne.

1 What have you done?

2 It wasn’t like that.

3 You need to get out more!

4 There’s something strange going on.

5 You are brave.

6 Perhaps it’s a big wood?

7 He just sort of disappeared.

8 What do you mean?

9 Was it one of those graves some people make for their pets?

10 When did she die?

11 I’m not sure. Maybe nothing, but maybe there is something.

12 You know what you have to do, don’t you?

Word Bank

brave (adjetivo) = corajoso

burn down (verbo) = pegar fogo, incendiar-se

couple (substantivo) = casal

disappear (verbo) = desaparecer

excited (adjetivo) = entusiasmado, feliz

frightened (adjetivo) = amedrontado, assustado

gravestone (substantivo) = lápide

maiden name (substantivo) = nome de solteira

pet (substantivo) = animal de estimação

strange (adjetivo) = estranho

war (substantivo) = guerra


Exercício 2

1 brave

2 disappeared

3 war

4 maiden name

5 excited

6 frightened

Exercício 3

1 True

2 False

3 False

4 False

5 True

6 True

7 False

8 True

9 True

10 False

Exercício 4

1 Jill

2 Marianne

3 Jill

4 Marianne

5 Jill

6 Jill

7 Marianne

8 Jill

9 Jill

10 Jill

11 Marianne

12 Jill